Myths about Home Inspections – Debunked!

There are many reasons to get a home inspection, and depending on who you ask, plenty of reasons not to get one. We’ve heard some of the most worrisome, interesting and sometimes totally false claims when it comes to home inspections. In this article, we are going to debunk a few of the myths around what a home inspection is or what it’s meant to do, so you feel confident about your next home inspection.

Myth #1. Home Inspectors Offer Buying Advice

The role of a home inspector is to give you a well-assessed look at a home that isn’t biased, but as complete as possible. This professional isn’t one who will provide you with buying advice or tell you whether or not to purchase a home. When it comes to figuring out if you should buy a home or not, based on an inspection, we suggest taking the inspection report to your real estate agent and discuss the points within it.

Myth #2. All Home Inspections Are the Same

Just like with any professional field, not everyone does it well or has the experience needed for the job. It’s important to ask your home inspector about their background and history of inspection work to get an idea of their qualifications. Also ask them about what they do and don’t investigate, so you aren’t surprised when you get an inspection back without a roof investigation. It happens, believe us.

Myth #3. New Home Builds or Flips Don’t Need Inspections

This is an all too common misconception. Since the home is new, many people think they can forego an inspection to either save money or because they believe inspections are only for old houses. This is far from the truth. In fact, many of our clients have two inspections during new home builds. 1. A pre-drywall version, and 2. A final inspection when the home is done. Both are unique and helpful to ensure the work has been done correctly. The same is true with a flip. Flipped homes often pose other issues like shoddy workmanship since the seller is working under a tight deadline and budget to make their investment profitable. We can see past pure cosmetics and tell the difference between quality work and cheap “lipstick on a pig.”

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Myth #4. Home Inspectors Kill a Real Estate Deal

The truth is, when done professionally, home inspectors do not kill real estate deals. We present you with observed facts about the home, and offer a professional opinion when appropriate. Then you decide. Keep in mind that the home inspection is only one part of the overall due diligence and research process you should conduct prior to buying a property. For instance, title searches, wood destroying organism (WDO) inspections, septic inspections, environmental inspections, crime statistics, surveys and more are also commonly performed. When a home is in awful condition or has many expensive repairs or defects for the buyer to take on, that may be the tipping point. However, that exact point is different for each client depending on their financial situation, skillset, temperament, timeframe, resources and other factors. Don’t “not” get an inspection because you think (or you’ve heard) an inspection will only make the deal go South. A quality home inspection will pay its weight in gold if you learn a home has significant issues that you’d wish you were aware of prior to purchasing.

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